Monthly Archives: November 2013

And the news roundup begins!

(1) Katy Perry foolishness at the AMAs this past weekend I still fail to understand what makes cultural appropriation okay in the minds of celebrities – especially after that Miley Cyrus “We Can’t Stop” fiasco. These celebrities need to stop exploiting cultures other than they’re own solely for the purpose of capitalist consumerism – instead […]

Weekly Music Roundup I

Each week, I’m going to post songs that I’ve been bumping regularly or that have caught my attention. (1) Jheno Aiko ft. Kendrick Lamar: Stay Ready (What a life) Jhene has been killing it recently (with recent collaborations with Drake and Childish Gambino), and this song is no exception. Kendrick’s verse is incredibly complementary to […]

Black girls – they’re just like you!

If y’all didn’t know – now you know: you should be watching “Black Actress”, a new webseries that recently premiered on Issa Rae’s channel. It gets past the flat tropes of the “angry black woman” or “strong black woman” typically characterized in the media. Instead, what they do is show black women as human beings: with […]

Meet the Somalis: the challenges of cultural integration, immigration, and displacement

Meet the Somalis: the challenges of cultural integration, immigration, and displacement “Meet the Somalis” is this awesome collection of stories, featuring the lives of 7 different Somali families all across Europe. The challenges they face make me feel frustrated and sad – and forces me to wonder, just how long will my people be displaced? […]