Weekly Music Roundup I

Each week, I’m going to post songs that I’ve been bumping regularly or that have caught my attention.

(1) Jheno Aiko ft. Kendrick Lamar: Stay Ready (What a life)
Jhene has been killing it recently (with recent collaborations with Drake and Childish Gambino), and this song is no exception. Kendrick’s verse is incredibly complementary to Jhene’s voice. He kills me everytime he says “Learning to have patience only cause you are timeless”. Oh Kenrick, you heartbreaker you!

(2) Sweater Beats ft. Erin Marshall: Do it for Me
This has been THE track recently; Erin’s sweet vocals and complex production on the part of Sweater Beats has me listening to this song over and over again. 

(3) Nothing was the Same (Drake’s entire album)
I realize that this is obviously not a song, but Drake’s new album is so good, it deserves an honorable mention. I have literally been unable to stop bumping this entire album for the past three weeks. Excellent production, perfect beats, and provoking lyrics make Drake’s newest endeavor a solid win. Shout-out to my favorite tracks: Furthest Thing, Own it, Worst Behaviour, From Time, Too Much, Pound Cake, Come Thru, and the Motion. 

That’s it for this week, stay tuned for next week’s roundup!


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