Something odd happened to me last week. I met a guy that piqued my intrigue. It wasn’t till a few days after I had met him that I realized that it was that in particular that had made him stand out in my mind.

Y’all have to understand, this rarely happens. As a young woman, I’m hard-pressed to meet guys that are genuinely interesting, who think critically and analyze the world around them. I’ve always found intelligence immensely attractive – and I mean intelligent in both a book-smart way, but most importantly in a non-conventional way. I love people who challenge themselves to think outside the box and push their thinking to another level. People who frequent alternative media sources, who are avid readers, who are passionate about politics, religion, race, stratification, life.

From the little I observed, this dude hit the mark, leaving me feeling both impressed and intrigued. Thoroughly refreshing to say the least.


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