An ode to Shad: Flying Colors, social criticism, and Canadian/Rwandan dopeness

Let me start off this post by saying that since November 2013, I’ve been INFATUATED with Shad. A Rwandan Canadian-born (London, ON) rapper, Shad’s flow is ridiculous, as he pulls listeners in with hard-hitting rhyme after rhyme. Shad’s been putting out work for many years now, but I was primarily introduced to him through his latest album: Flying Colors (2013). This album literally pulled me through the past few freezing Canadian months with its sick beats and puns so good they make you wanna cry.

my boo from the jump

The primary reason why Shad stands out for me is because he still treats rap as an art-form, a concept that many mainstream rappers are failing to grasp. Instead of filling lines with obscenities and references to Gucci, Prada and Armani, he actually talks about real-life ish as well as prevalent social issues plaguing North America as a whole. Whether its immigration, reparations towards Native American communities, violence plaguing inner-cities, calling out Obama’s policies, or discussing racism, Shad does it with style and finesse unmatched.

That being said, I find it so frustrating that this man isn’t more famous. He’s quite well known within the Canadian rap scene, but he deserves SO much more. Alas, I will be making it out to his show in Toronto later this month which I am so incredibly excited for.

Point being, get into Shad. You can thank me later!

Shoutout to my favorite tracks on Flying Colors: Thank You, Fam Jam (Fe Sum Immigrins), Stylin, He Say She Say, Thank You, Remember to Remember, Outro: Long Jawn, Love Means.


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