Monthly Archives: February 2014

taking it one day at a time: adaptation

greetings, friends! so i’ve been in istanbul for about 24 days so far, and thus I felt it would be appropriate to draw up a list of observations about my environment and the different ways it has affected/changed me. (i) I love the air in Istanbul, its so crisp and it lacks that gross Canadian […]

istanbul is wearing me out

it seems that whenever I choose to step outside of my crib in istanbul, a profound weariness settles over me. i’m so incredibly tired. tired of being stared at. tired of being hyper-aware of the color of my skin. tired of having people ask me inappropriate shit. i’m tired. the worst part? i feel like […]

race: you’re never gonna get away from it

One of the things that has surprised me most about race in Istanbul is how RARELY I seem to get away from it. Cue today. I was having a perfectly lovely day – went to class, ate some lunch, was hanging with some friends. All of a sudden, this Turkish girl comes up to me […]

the importance of finding people who get you

This past weekend I had the opportunity to visit Cappadocia, a historical region of Turkey located in Central Anatolia. It was supposed to be bomb, but it turned out to be a COMPLETE shit-show (cue 80 drunken individuals you don’t know + 16hr bus-rides…yeah). However, it did lead to one awesome occurrence: I MET NORMAL […]

so…this is what dehumanization feels like

I went back to Sultanahmet yesterday to do some more exploring of the area with the other exchange students. Let me attempt to succinctly summarize the fucking racist events that happened to me in the span of 8 hours. (Note: general staring is NOT included in my definition of “fucking racist events”. I can deal […]

Racial and religious relations in Turkey…via Istanbul

Hello! So I have been in Istanbul for almost a week. In my time here I’ve had the chance to make some social observations about the handling of race and religion in this beautiful city. Let’s start off with race. It should come as no surprise to anybody that I stick out in Turkey – […]