today was a good day

I had a really good day today.  This certainly wasn’t expected as (a) Aunt Flo has come for a visit; (b) I had two midterms today; (c) I was exhausted; and (d) it was pretty chilly outside.

oh, midterms #thehorror

The best part part? Nothing spectacular happened – I just felt extremely comfortable in my own skin. This is a welcome feeling after 2 months of internal over-thinking and hyper-awareness. I don’t know, something about today just felt right. It probably has something to do with the fact that I truly do not *care* anymore. I don’t care if people stare, if I stick out, if people treat me differently – it just doesn’t matter. I also successfully navigated campus and feel really confident getting around now (ugh, they have the best “pizza” buns on campus nomnnonomon). My confidence was doubly highlighted today when two girls came up to me and complimented my hair. Instead of being taken aback by the social interaction like I have in the past, I took control of the situation and chatted with time. Unsurprisingly, my confidence probably contributed in them not asking me to touch my hair #appreciatethelittlethings. It felt *damn* good.

I also chatted with one of my profs after my midterm – she’s so badass and we’d probably be friends if we were the same age. She can be bitchy sometimes, but she’s not afraid to show it and I like that – she’s honest and really doesn’t give a fuck #badgyal. Around 1pm I met up with my lovely gal pal Kaela, and we had a great chat per usual. I also saw the other member of our trio Babs, which always brightens my day. After writing my second midterm, I caught the shuttle right away, bought a pack of cookies, and went home where I proceeded to take a marvellous nap in my wonderfully toasty room. When I woke up, I had an awesome two-hour chat with one of my roomies, Kardelen, where we talked about boys, jobs, politics, Islam, etc. And now, here I am, writing a blog-post when I really should be studying for my midterm on Thursday #rebel.

latest obsession – these OBSCENELY good hazelnut-cream filled wafer cookies #itmustbelove #turkishcookiesforthewin

*contended sigh* It really was a satisfying day. In other news, I’ll be on the move this weekend to the beautiful sea-side city of Izmir. It’ll be great to get away for the weekend. In even bigger news, the weekend after next, I’ll be on spring break, and I’m going to Berlin, baby! It’ll be a week filled with Turkish doner (the irony), WWII time-warps, hipsterz, museums on museums, photo-ops, dessert, beer (for my traveling partners, not for this Muslimah ;) ) and general shenanigans. I can’t wait :D

the beautiful city of Izmir

Sometimes, I still can’t believe that a few months ago, I was the girl who had never been on a plane/ never left North America, to being a girl who casually books flights for jaunts to European destinations. I ain’t complaining, life is good! I’m incredibly proud of myself and I can’t wait to see what the future holds. Inshallah, only good things to come.


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