On creativity and inner-peace: Searching for Sugar Man, a documentary

Hello blogosphere!

After a mini-hiatus, I’m back and feeling good.

I’m officially done my term in Istanbul! Cannot believe that 4 months has passed by – absolute insanity. I’m still in Istanbul though, but I’m out at the end of the month to start off my new adventure, aka = SOMALIA (!)

This year is seriously going to be characterized by culture shock, let me tell you. I literally have no idea what to expect of Mogadisho, but I’m hoping if I keep an open mind, good things will come my way, inshallah.

It still seems surreal to me that I'll be spending this summer in Somalia

It still seems surreal to me that I’ll be spending this summer in Somalia

So I celebrated the end of my term with a visit from my good friend Melissa  which was DOPE. It was so incredibly nice to have someone from back home here with me – playing tour-guide really helped me realize how much I’ve come to learn about Istanbul + Turkish culture. It was also great to share all the things I’ve come to love (kahvalti) and hate (racial ignorance/lack of diversity) about this crazy ass city. All in all, it was a great visit full of laughs and tons of food (nomnomnom).

Melissa learning how to fish from some Turks

Melissa learning to fish from some Turks

Now that Mel has come and gone, I have lots of time on my hands, and I’ve decided to indulge my inner-nerd by binging on documentaries. Mel actually recommended one to me called “Searching for Sugar Man” about ’70s rock n roll artist Sixto Rodriguez. I don’t want to give too many spoilers, but the gist of the story is, this dude released two albums with Sussex Records in the US that were a complete flop (even though they were great musically/lyrically). Little did this dude know he was a veritable rock legend in South Africa – as in bigger than Elvis and the Rolling Stones. Basically, Rodriguez lived out most of his life carrying out hard manual labour in Detroit, while never receiving royalties for the millions of records he was selling in SA. I’m not going to say much else for fear of ruining the story – but seriously, you NEED to watch this doc.

It’s such a bewildering story; and it made me a little nostalgic, cause this kind of information disconnect would never happen today.

Blessing or curse, you tell me!

Check it out here!



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