Monthly Archives: August 2014

the women of somalia

my hooyo and i sit across from one another as she recounts the story of her migration otherwise known as, the removal of her heart from its home   she tells me about the day she told her mother her plans her eyes still glazed with the optimism of youth   she tells me about […]

reflections: ramblings of a diasporic girl

With only 11 days left in Mogadisho, I’ve fallen into a bit of a reflective mood – looking back on my experiences in Somalia, as well as throughout all my travels this past year. ¬†Words cannot describe how grateful I am to have been able to spend my summer here – there is something so […]

the road

i open the gates, and immediately feel the sun beating down on my neck the sensation of heat coursing through my body like wildfire as my feet begin to pick a direction grains of sand and rock stubbornly wedge themselves between my toes causing me to walk awkwardly and uncomfortably painfully revealing that although I […]