Hello blogosphere! After a mini-hiatus, I’m back and feeling good. I’m officially done my term in Istanbul! Cannot believe that 4 months has passed by – absolute insanity. I’m still in Istanbul though, but I’m out at the end of the month to start off my new adventure, aka = SOMALIA (!) This year is […]

A must-watch documentary highlighting the prevalence of racial profiling and police brutality in Toronto, as well promoting methods that enhance community safety versus rendering community anxiety. This great doc was created by Toronto’s Policing Learning Initiative, a grass-roots think-tank composed of youth leaders living in the GTA who were concerned about policing issues within the […]

A slightly late MCS post. I realize Sunday has come and gone, but seeing as though today is a holiday in Turkey (Commemoration of Ataturk, Youth and Sports Day) it still feels like the weekend in my mind. This week, we’re switching things up with a double feature (the world just has so much good […]

Last night, as I was Skyping my little sister, I was confronted with an unfortunate habit of mine. You see, I was recounting a story about being “hit on” at my university by a ballsy but awkward Turkish dude, who was trying to woo me on  behalf of his friend. As I was laughing and […]

I discovered the amazing band that is Little Dragon back in 2011, primarily through their third album, Ritual Union (2011). Their music was unlike anything I had ever heard before, effortlessly mixing soul and rnb with electronica. Needless to say, I was hooked. Headed by frontwoman Yukimi Nagano, Little Dragon hails from Sweden, and has been […]

My oh my, being in Turkey for the past few months has been no bueno for my waistline. Everything revolves around meat, cheese, and bread – quite possibly three of my favourite food items in the entire universe. And the desserts, good lord, the desserts! I’ve never been to a country that has such an […]

“I was wondering/If I could wait for you”, croons Daniel Wilson, on “Will You”, a tune off his new EP titled, “Young Rubbish”.  A Michigan-native, 23-year old  Wilson has a beautiful voice, with a falsetto that makes you want to weep. Containing 5 tracks, his EP is ~pure bliss~ and ranges from Adele-like melodies on […]