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reflections: ramblings of a diasporic girl

With only 11 days left in Mogadisho, I’ve fallen into a bit of a reflective mood – looking back on my experiences in Somalia, as well as throughout all my travels this past year.  Words cannot describe how grateful I am to have been able to spend my summer here – there is something so […]

Erdogan’s social media bans, Youtube dependencies, and Canadian political apathy

Helllllo world! Now unless you’re someone who just doesn’t follow the news, you’ve probably heard that Twitter and Youtube are now banned throughout Turkey. The bans have occurred within the span of two weeks, mostly in relation to today’s municipal elections. In terms of Twitter, Erdogan felt that it was being used as a platform […]

An ode to Shad: Flying Colors, social criticism, and Canadian/Rwandan dopeness

Let me start off this post by saying that since November 2013, I’ve been INFATUATED with Shad. A Rwandan Canadian-born (London, ON) rapper, Shad’s flow is ridiculous, as he pulls listeners in with hard-hitting rhyme after rhyme. Shad’s been putting out work for many years now, but I was primarily introduced to him through his latest album: Flying […]