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Peace out Istanbul; Hello Mogadisho!

Tonight, I’ll be saying goodbye to Istanbul, a city that has been my home for the past five months. Saying adios will be bitter-sweet, for there is much I will truly miss about this crazy place, but there’s also a lot of shit I look forward to never dealing with again (holla!). In an effort […]

Being smart is hard: on racial consciousness, boyz, and confusion

Last night, as I was Skyping my little sister, I was confronted with an unfortunate habit of mine. You see, I was recounting a story about being “hit on” at my university by a ballsy but awkward Turkish dude, who was trying to woo me on ¬†behalf of his friend. As I was laughing and […]

An Ode to Ekmek

My oh my, being in Turkey for the past few months has been no bueno for my waistline. Everything revolves around meat, cheese, and bread – quite possibly three of my favourite food items in the entire universe. And the desserts, good lord, the desserts! I’ve never been to a country that has such an […]

taking it one day at a time: adaptation

greetings, friends! so i’ve been in istanbul for about 24 days so far, and thus I felt it would be appropriate to draw up a list of observations about my environment and the different ways it has affected/changed me. (i) I love the air in Istanbul, its so crisp and it lacks that gross Canadian […]

istanbul is wearing me out

it seems that whenever I choose to step outside of my crib in istanbul, a profound weariness settles over me. i’m so incredibly tired. tired of being stared at. tired of being hyper-aware of the color of my skin. tired of having people ask me inappropriate shit. i’m tired. the worst part? i feel like […]

race: you’re never gonna get away from it

One of the things that has surprised me most about race in Istanbul is how RARELY I seem to get away from it. Cue today. I was having a perfectly lovely day – went to class, ate some lunch, was hanging with some friends. All of a sudden, this Turkish girl comes up to me […]

the importance of finding people who get you

This past weekend I had the opportunity to visit Cappadocia, a historical region of Turkey located in Central Anatolia. It was supposed to be bomb, but it turned out to be a COMPLETE shit-show (cue 80 drunken individuals you don’t know + 16hr bus-rides…yeah). However, it did lead to one awesome occurrence: I MET NORMAL […]