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Peace out Istanbul; Hello Mogadisho!

Tonight, I’ll be saying goodbye to Istanbul, a city that has been my home for the past five months. Saying adios will be bitter-sweet, for there is much I will truly miss about this crazy place, but there’s also a lot of shit I look forward to never dealing with again (holla!). In an effort […]

Being smart is hard: on racial consciousness, boyz, and confusion

Last night, as I was Skyping my little sister, I was confronted with an unfortunate habit of mine. You see, I was recounting a story about being “hit on” at my university by a ballsy but awkward Turkish dude, who was trying to woo me on ¬†behalf of his friend. As I was laughing and […]

An Ode to Ekmek

My oh my, being in Turkey for the past few months has been no bueno for my waistline. Everything revolves around meat, cheese, and bread – quite possibly three of my favourite food items in the entire universe. And the desserts, good lord, the desserts! I’ve never been to a country that has such an […]

Erdogan’s social media bans, Youtube dependencies, and Canadian political apathy

Helllllo world! Now unless you’re someone who just doesn’t follow the news, you’ve probably heard that Twitter and Youtube are now banned throughout Turkey. The bans have occurred within the span of two weeks, mostly in relation to today’s municipal elections. In terms of Twitter, Erdogan felt that it was being used as a platform […]